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Wool and 

Knitting patterns

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Easy knitting patterns
Knitting patterns, beginner level.
Ladies patterns
Knitting patterns sized for ladies
Knitting patterns sized for children
Mosa mjúkull Yarn
A blend of Icelandic wool and alpaca wool from Peru makes Mosa mjúkull
Gústu alpakka garn
100% alpaca yarn from Gústa
New knitting patterns
Knitting patterns recently published on our web www.gusta.is
Knitting kits
Knitting pattern, yarn and knitting bag in one package
Knitting patterns sized for men
Popular knitting patterns
The most popular patterns from the website of Gústa
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​Gústa knitting is an Icelandic entrepreneural company with passion for knitting

We love knitting and in order to keep our passion alive we find it necessary to have access to high quality yarns and knitting patterns.


The purpose of Gústa is to keep the knitting passion alive. 


We share our passion for knitting with others. We want future generations to have access to the craft of hand knitting.



Why do we love knitting?

There are plenty of reasons why we love knitting. It helps us connect with ourselves, and with others. We support the knitting community in order to make more people enjoy the knitting traditions and we often meet with other knitters to share our passion and meet new people and our friends. Meeting other knitters provides an opportunity to socialize and to learn, and teach others new knitting techniques and patterns.

Knitting is both creative and fun, it is both complex and repetitive, some knit because of necessity some because it is a hobby . We can knit in different ways, simple or complex, easy or hard. It helps us restore natural calmness and avoid stress and anxiety.  it also provides excellent clothing which we love to wear and helps us to express our selves and gives us a unique identity.


We knit for ourselves, and for others. We sometimes knit for those around us that we love and care for. We need clothes from natural wools to keep warm during the long and cold winters.


Gústa is an Icelandic family run company. Knitting patterns and yarns are available at this site, both for children and adults. Knitting designs from Gústa are easy to make and Águsta Jónsdóttir is the main designer.  Mosa mjukull is the main product line , Gústa alpaca yarn is also available both hand died and factory died. 

Ethos of Gústa




Gústa ehf.

Aðalland 10

108 Reykjavík


kt. 480307-1430

vsk nr. 120470

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