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We are is a family business, where people work together in making designs and wools for you. The company was founded in 2015 by Agusta Thora Jonsdottir, a passionate knitter and designer.


For Ágústa like most other Icelandic knitters she has knitted much from the Icelandic wool. When she was knitting for her children they did not wear the sweaters she made because they claimed they itch!


So she started to find other kind of wools that are softer.  She wanted to make the Icelandic wool softer and more durable and therefore she started to blend the wool with other threads. When she tried to knit with alpaca and Icelandic wool together she fell in love. This blend she wanted to bring to other people. The yarn is both rough like the Icelandic wool and at the same time as being much softer than. And her kids finally wore the sweaters they were given.



Ágústa´s background is science and business. She worked in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry doing business development for many years. During her travels working for international organizations she started knitting on airplanes. Her first knitting book: “Warm Hands” became a best seller in Iceland in 2009, published just after the financial crash in Iceland and people had the urge to move towards more basic crafts. 


There has always been a strong knitting tradition in Iceland, but at that time the interest was booming and more young people were starting to knit and knitted sweaters became very fashionable in Iceland.



Where does the name Gústa come from?

Agusta comes from Iceland and she is brought up wearing Icelandic wool. Her grandmother Gústa, tought her how to knit and therefore she named the company after her.  Her grandmother knitted mostly mittens and socks, for all her grand children which were many!  The twist of the word that it means to like in Spanish is an added spice to the name!



Gústa´s products are Icelandic yarn, soft and durable

Gusta is an innovative Icelandic yarn and design company.  We blend Icelandic wool; with Alpaca from Peru, this creates our first product line Mosa Mjúkull. The yarn is manufactured in Iceland and is suitable for both knitters and crocheters. The Icelandic wool retains its unique properties - being warm, light and water repellent - and the alpaca makes the blend softer and stronger.


The second product line developed is Gústa alpaca, containing pure alpaca.


The third product line is now ready this is a co-opeartion project with Dóra Óskars, where hand dyed yarns, both from Mosa mjúkull and from pure alpaca.